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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Southern Land Company Community in the New York Times

Last week, the New York Times prominently featured Southern Land Company community 3601 Market Street in an interesting trend story. The reporter, Ronda Kaysen explained that increasingly, developers are building residential buildings near college campuses for people who are well in the workforce: “Near college campuses around the country, developers have begun building luxury housing for the staff, not […]

Taking the Pulse of the Community

We polled Nashvillians about our future 4000 Hillsboro community development in Green Hills. Here’s what we learned.  Successful real estate projects know their audience. We know that our 4000 Hillsboro community is generating discussions in Green Hills and around Nashville, especially since two cranes just went up on site. Like with any Southern Land Company project, we want to take the pulse of […]

Introducing Our Blog: Insights

Welcome to Insights! by Tim Downey Tuesday, January 12, 2016.                         This is an exciting era for cities. Many communities are seeing an intense rejuvenation in the urban core as a generation of people are migrating to city centers as their home and workplace. […]